Investigating forms of presentation of the Artistí Book.

The book on the table. /// The closed archives. /// The book in a box. /// The open archives. ///
The book on the shelves. /// The book underfoot. /// The book on the ground.
/// The book in an intimate space. /// The book as installation. /// The book in a working space. ///
The book as an object to walk around. /// The book as a concept for a space.


project: investigating forms of presentation of the Artistí Book.

Archief Synergie, situated at the Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam, is the original concept of Harry Pattynama and Irma van der Zande, both visual artists. From 1992 until now they have been looking for different forms and means of presenting the Artistís Book. By mentioning Artistís Book the meaning of the word should be taken literally: the book that should be kept in someoneís hand. It can also be a handbook of course: a guide or leading concept. An artwork in which the artists have their own responsibility for the creative idea, and the book itself. According to Archief Synergie this source of inspiration needs to be examined in its entirety. The book is not given justice when just several pages are shown.
In a 150 m2 room, six stages of investigation will happen over the next few months. Chests of drawers, archives and tables will be placed over two larger and three smaller rooms in which the presentations can take place. The project itself will concentrate on the Artistís Book in all its aspects and will strive to convey several viewpoints:

  • looking for different means of presenting and preserving which will ensure that investigators and other interested people have more access to these Ďhandí books (digital library, internet);
  • looking for ways in which inquiries can convey the physical material (installations, libraries, pillows for books, places to study);
  • looking for ways of handling of vulnerable, rare or precious editions. Its value has been determined through the years (e.g. is it possible that a precious book can be examined, with or without inspection or with the help of an assistant?);
  • looking for an approach in which the book can retain its quality, and the character of the book as a piece of art to be maintained.

These inquiries will attempt to create a new model for the future and allow the Artistís Book the opportunity to continue to manifest itself as a source for inspiration. Every two months, a series of events will occur. Participants will be invited to make an individual presentation. By participants we mean: artists and/or designers working in the area of the Artistís Book. For this, they will need to provide the materials needed for the presentation. They will be asked to present a certain vision that will fit into this view of the book.

In this specific project Archief Synergie will be assisted by Balta and Frans Baake, both visual artists working in the field of making and publishing Artistsí Books.

This project has been devised for everyone interested in this field - museums, academies, cultural institutions, architects, designers and artists. Over the coming year, six presentations will take place. Documentation of each of these presentations and the developments over the project will be published on the website as a way of investigation. These presentations will ultimately form the final documentation. The project will start May 16st 2009.

Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst te AmsterdamThis project is also supported by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Kunstenaars&Co.

Photography Thomas Lenden, Amsterdam,